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who in the fucking world

we did it bro

a portal cake joke in 2014

jesus didn’t die for this

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Master strip teaser misskaciemarie is on fire in her third set.
Get it HERE


Master strip teaser misskaciemarie is on fire in her third set.

Get it HERE

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Do you know what I am? That’s right a rape survivor. Do you know where I volunteer and what I do? OH That’s right as a counselor for other survivors at a rape and domestic abuse shelter. Do you know what we often do? We often times joke about what happened to us. It gives us comfort and stability and strength to laugh with these other survivors.

We DO NOT sit around reliving the trauma of what happened to us just because we hear a joke or reference to what happened to us. That’s not how most triggers work. For example myself. My trigger is being in the dark, because I was raped at a party when I went upstairs to sleep in my friend’s parents’ room. There are still nights, even now eight years later, where I have to reach over and turn on my booklight in fear, all because my husband, someone I love and trust, brushed against me while we were sleeping. Or take my husband as another example. My husband was used  as a child sex slave and in his aunt’s personal collection of child porn. His trigger is being recorded. As in having pictures taken of him and being filmed. He can, and possibly will, start violently shaking and even start crying if even a picture of his arm is taken. We had to sedate him last year just so he can have an x-ray done on said arm, because he had broke it while making a set for a local playhouse.

Rapists don’t rape because they hear a joke. Rapists rape because of the power and control. These people don’t think “Haha, I heard a joke about rape. Since rape is normal now I’m gonna rape someone.” NO! They think “Here is someone weaker than me, I can take advantage of them through forcing them to perform sexual acts.” These people have the same minds as people who abuse animals and children. There is something wrong with their brain systems.

Really (and I am repeating this until you get it through YOUR DENSE FUCKING SKULLS) the argument that Rape jokes cause Rapes is the same argument of “If a child plays violent videogames or watches violent movies or television, then that child is going to go out and kill some one for the hell of it, because it is now normal for them.” This has been disproven with so many studies, it’s silly now.

~ a note from an experienced rape counselor and Survivor

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"I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar."

Jesus shit, I’ve missed Toph <3

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Eatin’ Pocky like a boss.
Batgirl, by Andrew Kwan.


Eatin’ Pocky like a boss.

Batgirl, by Andrew Kwan.

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MC Gamer Cartoon - Episode 2 - Fall From Grace

Well, here’s more of that minecraft cartoon I’ve been working on with vapourshark and squaredrabbit. Time to enjoy at least a short reprieve from my desk this weekend. Maybe.

Featuring Graser10 as… himself, and apatheria as… everyone but Graser. Gotta love how the red guy shouts falling into the bushes. 

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Long story short: Right now my only source of income (which doesn’t even cover my rent to begin with, let alone all my living expenses) is in serious jeopardy, and I could really use some extra cash to make sure I don’t starve too quickly, so I’m opening up commissions again!

As usual, these are pay-what-you-want, meaning you can pay as little or as much as you want for a drawing like this (as long as it’s more than €2, or approximately $2,55 USD). Just remember that my wellbeing depends on your generosity, so higher payments are definitely appreciated.

You can find more examples through this link. I can also do non-worksafe stuff if you’d like, but I handle those on a case-by-case basis (usually anything past softcore nudity is a no-go). If you’re interested, you can drop me a line either through a tumblr message, a note on my DeviantArt, or you can send an email to grogfella [at] gmail [dot] com. Payments are accepted through Paypal.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!

This guy does super cute art! Definitely worth a buy! :D

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